Useful Tips While Travelling In Iceland

If you’re embarking on an adventure in Iceland here are some useful websites, apps and advice to take a look at before you go…



Finding Campsites:

Finding Campsites:

Camping Card:

Driving In Iceland:

Tourist Board:

General Information:

Map of Main Campsites

Iceland Adventures

Iceland WaterfallIcelandExploringMulti ActivityNational Parks
Max Group Size 12
Min Age 15
10 Days
Physical Activity 2/5
Hiker in IcelandIcelandExploringNational ParksTrekking
Max Group Size 16
Min Age 16
14 Days
Physical Activity 3/5
Northern Lights IcelandIcelandExploringMulti Activity
Max Group Size 18
Min Age 8
2 Days
Physical Activity 1/5

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