Sea Kayaking Croatia

If you are intrigued by the idea of taking to water but have lots of questions spinning around your mind then this is the page for you. Here we try to answer those queries you might have about Sea Kayaking in general and Sea Kayaking Croatia , what it involves, the safety, the trips the kayaks and lots more..!

  • Do I need to have experience of kayaking to take part in these trips?

    No.  You don’t need to have experience of kayaking to take part in any of our trips, of course it might help if you do but it won’t spoil your enjoyment if you’re a beginner.  Each trip has at least one full qualified instructor and guide who will teach you the basics and ensure you’re safe.  At the end of the adventure you’ll be able to say you can Sea Kayak!

  • How fit do I need to be?

    You don’t need to be very fit!  It is advisable to have a moderate level of fitness and we’d always advise that if in doubt, check with your doctor before making your booking.  Paddling distances vary from between 6km to around 50km per day depending upon which trip you’ve booked.  Sea Kayaking itself isn’t very tiresome but like any exercise, the longer you do it the more tiring it can become.  Each trip has some relaxation time giving you a chance to rest and recuperate.  The trips aren’t designed to make you exhausted, more they’re designed to give you an enjoyable sea kayaking experience.

  • What if the weather is bad?

    Its unlikely the weather will be ad as the trips run only in summer when (hopefully) the weather will be good.  However, bad weather can occur which may make kayaking too difficult.  Typically what will force a trip be be postponed is choppy seas caused by high winds, a storm and heavy rains but these are rare in summer months.  Ultimately, the guide has final decision making responsibility on any given day, if a trip is cancelled it is for the safety of the group which cannot be compromised as we are sure you understand!

  • How safe is sea kayaking?

    Like all water based activities sea kayaking has its dangers and as a result it is of paramount important that each trip begins with a thorough safety briefing.  It’s also compulsory to wear a life jacket at all times during each kayaking trip.  Sea kayaking, in the right conditions following the right procedures is a relatively safe activity.  Your instructor will ensure that you’re in the safest possible conditions and has the final say if kayaking will take place or not pending weather conditions.  The equipment is kept in good condition of course and won’t be used if sub-standard.

    In the unlikely event your kayak capsizes then your life jacket will keep you afloat as your instructor will help you back into the kayak.  As mentioned, it is compulsory to wear a life jacket at all times during the kayak trip.

  • Is The Sea Cold?

    That depends!  lets say, the sea isn’t warm and so wearing a wetsuit is probably a good idea!  During summer months the sea obviously warms up and actually is at it’s warmest during September and October although this isn’t a golden rule.  If the sea was too cold the trips wouldn’t be running and of course hopefully, your kayak will keep you out of the water.

  • Do I need to do any training?

    The short answer is no, you’ll be fine without training as the trips aren’t physically demanding in the sense that you’d be exhausted but as with any type of active holiday a moderate level of fitness is advisable.  We’d suggest checking with your doctor if you have any doubts regards your level of fitness.

  • How long do we paddle for?

    The amount of time paddling varies with each trip.  Some days can be short, as little as 6km which mint take less than an hour where as some trips include days of around 50km which may take all day.  The tide and currents can affect paddle time but these have been taken into account when the operators plan and build the trips.

  • What happens if I drop my paddle?

    Luckily the paddles float!  so either a member of the group or the instructor would paddle over and collect your paddle before returning it to you.

  • I don’t want to wear my life jacket.

    If you don’t wear a life jacket you don’t get into the kayak.  No compromises with safety we are pleased to say.

5 Days Kayaking Croatia’s Elaphite Islands

From £439 Per Person

Evening Sea Kayaking
8 Days Kayaking The Islands of Croatia

From £739 per person

Ao Nang Sea Kayak
8 Days Kayaking The Kornati Islands of Croatia

From £719

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