Financial Protection

How Your Money Is Protected

When you make a booking with The Adventure People your money is safe.  Here we outline the measures we take to ensure you are protected and you need not worry.  We understand this is a concern for many people and we will do what we can to give you comfort that booking with The Adventure People is risk free.

  • Trusted Partners

    We only work with trusted partners with a track record of providing exceptional service over a number of years.  his ensures that the companies are as stable as possible and we’re constantly working with our partners to ensure our customers are satisfied.

  • Money

    We don’t hold any of your money.  When you make a booking we immediately pass the balance to the tour operator and ll tour operators we work with in the UK have their own protection schemes offering you more protection.

  • Credit Card

    In the very unlikely event something goes wrong and you need your money back and all protection schemes have failed (we can’t think why this might happen!) then you can always instigate a charge back on the credit card you used to book.  Some banks also offer this facility on debit cards but you’d need to check with your bank.  The safest way to book is via credit card because you’re then certain that should the service you booked not materialise, you can get your money back.

  • ATOL

    All of the UK tour operators we work with are ATOL protected and so fi you book your light with them you’re protected.

  • Trust Schemes

    Many of the partners we work hold your monies in trust schemes and so even if they have a problem, your money remains protected and you’d be able to get it back.

  • Payment Terms

    We try to keep our balance payment terms as low as possible so you’re holding on to your money as long as possible until it is due to the tour operator.

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