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We hope you’ve found an adventure for you but we are aware you may have some questions.  Here, on our Frequently Asked Questions page  we try to make sure we cover everything!  Just click on the question you can see and the answer will (hopefully) appear.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for please do send over an email or give us a call, the contact details are on the right hand side of this page.

Are you a travel agent or tour operator?

This is a common question  The Adventure People is a travel agent.  That means we act as agent for Tour Operators and other businesses.  The role of a travel agent is to provide a booking service for customers on behalf of the tour operators or other businesses such as trekking companies or cycling companies.

Why should I book with a travel agent?

There are loads of good reasons!  here are some:

  1.  We can offer exclusive discounts and offers yo won’t find anywhere else
  2. We can offer much better personal service as we’re easier to contact
  3. We have loads more choice than any one tour operator
  4. We can represent you and negotiate for you if anything goes wrong
  5. We have more flexibility in our payment plans
  6. We’re not indebted an bias towards any business overseas who might provide services who tour operators work with and depend upon
  7. We don’t push our own trips, we find the best in the market

Hope this helps!

Why aren’t you a member of ABTA?

We chose not to be a member of ABTA for many reasons, here we go:

  1. The short answer is we don’t feel being a member of ABTA offers our customers any benefits or protection we can’t offer ourself and as a result we’d rather not join and spend our time and money on our customers.  Here is some more detail:
    1. ABTA has no judiciary power, it doesn’t have any legal weight and so can’t really protect customers or a business.  We prefer to rely on law and bodies with judiciary power.
    2. ABTA is a travel industry construct and whilst we’re not a member, we still apply service levels over and above the minimum requirement ABTA deploy.
    3. ABTA stands for the Association of British travel Agents.  The problem is it isn’t really for travel agents.  We think it’s really for tour operators and in fact, the current chairman of ABTA owns a tour operator too! we think that might be a conflict of interest.  It’s a bit like a president of a country owning a business at the same time.
    4. Its a long, time consuming and expensive process t o join ABTA.  We really try to keep our costs down so our customers get the best prices.
    5. We didn’t really see much benefit in joining especially as it’s a UK thing anyway and so not relevant to many international businesses.
    6. Some of the largest travel companies in the world aren’t members of ABTA like or easyjet for example.

We hope this answers your question, if you’d like any further detail please do contact us.

Why don’t you have an ATOL license?

In the UK only businesses selling flights require an ATOL.  Please see the ATOL regulations for further detail:

What if I want to cancel my booking?

It’s shame you have to cancel but if you must then the lead passenger (the person who made the booking) must send an email to request cancellation.

Some charges may apply as per the Agency Terms of Business issued at the time of booking.  Typically, your deposit is non-refundable and so cannot be funded but the remaining balance can be fully refunded if you cancel 70 days or more before departure.  More charges apply if cancelling within 70 days to departure.

Can I book my flights with you?

We don’t sell flights, sorry! we recommend you book direct with the airline of your choice.

Can I book extras with you?

Yes!  you are able to book car hire, transfers, accommodation, attraction tickets, excursions and insurance with us.  Please call to enquire on 0161 888 0955.

How can I make payment?

You can make payment on line or over the phone with one of our team members.  Once you send through a booking request we’ll send back and email with your booking confirmation and how to make payment.  You can then either make payment on line or call a team member who can take payment over the phone.  Our Phone number is 0161 888 0955.

Do I need a visa?

Maybe depending upon your nationality, which country you are travelling from and which country you are travelling to.

It is always a good idea to check with your local embassy.  In the UK this is the Foreign Travel Advice section of  You can search for information here:

What will I need to take with me?

The items to take will vary depending upon the trip you have booked.  For detailed advice please email over your enquiry or give us a call on:  0161 888 0955.

You will always need:

Your passport (ideally with 6 months remaining before expiry)

Money / cash card / credit or debit card

Travel Insurance

Any visa (if required)

Driving License (if hiring a car)

And we recommend to bring:

Camera, torch, clothes (depending which trip your on will determine exactly what you need), sleeping mask, ear plugs, hand wipes, tooth brush, toothpaste, sunglasses, hat, small first aid kit and thats about it!  of course there will be more items pending your trip.

How many people will be in my group?

In most cases the group sizes are between 10 and 20 people with the average size around 15.  In some cases, usually one off events, group sizes may be larger (The Rio Carnival Trips are a good example).  Of course, group sizes may also be small either because the maximum size is lower than 15 or the group spaces do not get filled.  The maximum group size is stated on every trip description.

Do you have age restrictions?

Yes.  Almost all trips have a minimum age which is stated within the trip description.  Some trips have a maximum age too, in these cases we also display the maximum age within he trip description.  Please check the age restrictions before booking.

Can I just do part of the trip?

Well, you could but it’s not a good idea.  We recommend you review your itinerary before you book and make sure you’re happy.  Once on a trip you can of course leave at will but this is at your own and risk and you will not receive any discount or refund.  Once you leave the tour you’re ‘on your own’.  It’s very difficult to join a tour once it has began so we generally don’t allow this.

Can I make changes to the itinerary?

Generally no, you can’t.  However, if the entire group are friends then you can request any changes at least 28 days before the trip commences.  There is no guarantee any changes can be accommodated but we will try!  Of course, any extra costs will need to be paid before the trip begins.

Can I add an extra night on at the end?

Yes, or more than one night if you wish!  Please give us a call or send an email and we can sort this out for you.

Can you help with somewhere to stay before the tour begins?

Yes, of course, Please give us a call on 0161 888 0955 or send an email and we can help out.

I am travelling alone, is that ok?

YES! many customers travel alone.  once you’re on the trip though we typically find people make friends quite quickly and you’ll never be short of company if you want it.

Are there extra costs to travelling alone?

Sadly yes.  Please ask our team what the extra costs might be before booking.  Sometimes sharing a room with someone else of the same sex on the same tour can bring the cost down.

Do I need travel insurance?

YES!!!  please make sure you have travel insurance and you take the documents with you.  Some trips require that you show the guide your travel insurance before they let you on the trip!  So, it’s very important to ensure you have adequate travel insurance pre-departue.

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